Global Design Value Summit Review: The New Design Dynamic is Harmonious In Diversity

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Global Design Value Summit Review: 
The New Design Dynamic Is Harmonious In Diversity
by Feng Changhong,
Executive Vice President & Secretary General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to be here today. As a representative of SZIDF committee, I appreciate your presence and welcome to Shenzhen. I believe this fair can be a platform for the future design and connect designers, organizations, factories, studios,  foundations and governments all together, creating a global industrial design community.
Design is not just drawing, not just a project nor a product, design is future, it is a strategic thinking as well as an ideal from the heart.
I have been thinking the relation ship between innovation and design these days. Designers didn’t design the city, but become the people lived in the city and brought design to their lives. The early China design industry was build up based on hardware, designing appearance but keep away from bushiness. Then there is a question, how can we be stronger an more advanced? The answer is internationalization. In 2011, i lead the team to attend 100% Design London which was the first time for Chinese design group to be in that famous international design fair. Look at these photos, look at Wei Jia, Huan Luo, Lei Sun and Zhongxuan Hong, how happy were they. It was after that experience, we noticed that the difference and gap between the World and China. We noticed that design can be used in life, design can be used in business, design can be used everywhere. This trip completely changed the way we do design and finally affected the whole area around Shenzhen.
In 2013, the very first and also the only oversea exhibition hall of iF award located in Shenzhen.  Each year after the hall was built, there was an update for its content and products. It is free to enter and many designers as well as students and citizens were inspired and educated by the exhibition. I would like to thank one of my best friends, CEO of iF International Forum Design GmbH, Ralph Wiegmann. Thank you for your contribution. Also, I need to thank the People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, specially thank the support given by the Economic, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.
In fact, the development of design is bond with government, designers and industries. I am thinking what’s the future of design under such wealthy resources today. Six years ago, I was shocked by a speech given by Lady Gerena during a summit in Stockholm, Sweden. She said that in our district, we have the famous Konstfack, but more importantly, we thought our children what’s design, what’s art, what’s innovation, that’s why you can see such beautiful designs today, the children is the future.
Three month ago, I visited the DaikanyamaT­Site in Japan and met the founder of it. DaikanyamaT­Site is a such fascinating place, no matter you are youth or elders you can find a spot for yourself, even animals, pets can find a suitable place. That is a great example for implementing design into people’s life. I would like to share two sentences I read from Muneaki Masuda:
“The time for design is predictable, Tokyo will become a huge and great design center start in 2020 with the power of design.”
“All organizations are consisted with designers, for those who can not achieve this, they will not be able to success in the future.”
China design has created its own way, it will bring new energy to the city. Now city has become the expression of design, or in another word, a unit of measurement of design. What about bringing design into education, communities? Let’s see in the future.
It is the 10th year of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA), I keep updating my value until today. “The New Design Dynamic Is Harmonious In Diversity” is what i have got after i have read what Confucius has proposed: “Gentlemen seek harmony but not uniformity.”  For the new design, harmony should be the attitude when facing difference. Ten years ago in Shenzhen, SIDA and I set the goal at “Let the world see Chinese design” and we put great effort in realizing it. Finally after ten years with countless attempts and works we and Shenzhen have became the leader and center of Chinese designs. The true design can be subversive but it’s more like an infiltrate. The next ten years, Shenzhen will be just like other cities, seeking new design method,explore new design ways and build a greater design city. Thank you.

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