The 11th China (shenzhen) international industrial design festival opens today!

Date: 2018-12-11 17:15:00  Source:   Compile: eands

The 11th China (shenzhen) international industrial design festival opens today!
Shenzhen's design has always been second to none. Every year in December, various innovative and creative activities emerge one after another.About the charm of design, there may be a thousand hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, but there is no doubt that people have been filled with industrial design before the definition of design has been subdivided.
As one of the key activities of Shenzhen creativity in December, the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival opened at 9:30am on December 11th at Bao'an Youth Palace in Shenzhen.These exhibitions, road show, summit forum, workshops, the design tour of ten major projects fly through the sky of art and bring us a wave of enthusiasm in a cold air.
Opening Ceremony of the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival 
Time: 9:30­11:00, Dec.11
Venue: Dream Theater, Bao'an Children Palace, Shenzhen 
Moderator:  Wu Qingjie, ShenZhen Media Group
Participants: Municipal and district leaders; representatives of Bao'an district government; Representatives from areas of cultural creativity, industrial design, scientific and technological innovation, high­end manufacturing and mass innovation space enterprises; Foreign guests and guests from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; Experts, association members and professional visitors from other places; Other enterprise managers and designers; representatives from colleges and universities, etc., about 500­600 audiences. 
09:00­09:30 Registration
09:30­09:35 Play the CIIDF video
09:35­09:40 Moderator introduces the honored guests
09:40­09:45 Remarks by a foreign representative
09:45­09:50 Speech by Bao'an district government official
09:50­09:55 Speech by Shenzhen municipal leader
09:55­10:00 Announce the winners of "Bao'an  Cup" Innovation Design Competition by jury president
10:00­10:10 Present the trophy and certification of "Bao'an  Cup" Innovation Design Competition
10:10­10:15 Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony 
10:15­10:20 Launch CIIDF 2018
10:20­11:00 Exhibition tour

Josyane Franc,Head of International Affairs for the Cité du Design Saint­Etienne

Huang Shenghua, member of the standing committee of the district committee
Peter Kuchnicki, Founder & President   of Spark Design & Architecture Awards

Shenzhen•Saint­Etienne of France design strategic cooperation
Signatory representatives:
Philippe Moine, Vice President of Designers Plus Association of Saint­Etienne 
Shirley Feng, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association
Opening Ceremony
Exhibition tour