January 19th | Talk with designer - waiting for you in the future

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At present, industrial design is moving towards a new height, and the industrial pattern is taking shape.With the increasing competition in industrial design, the excellent industrial design enterprises in domestic become more and more attention to the study of industry market, especially for enterprise development environment and the further research of customer demand trends. More and more industrial design enterprises have integrated research, design, production, sales, while introducing the services of supply chain, materials, manufacturing and other value­added services, resulting in the fact that a large number of domestic excellent industrial design brands quickly rise, and gradually become the leader in the design industry. It is worth thinking about what makes Chinese designer brands develop at such a speed.
As industrial designers, what can we prepare for our future?
1. Activity Introduction
We interviewed more than 100 industrial designers and got a few questions that everyone cares about most in 2018:
1. Why didn't users pay for a product that was considered good internally?
2. Why can overseas design teams easily acquire premium rights?
3. How can competitors make better products at lower prices?
By this, we sincerely invite four celebrities to discuss:
How to make the product which can catch the eyes of users?
How to reduce the cost and increase the gross profit through the expansion and management of supply chain such as material?
How to provide customers with more comprehensive value­added services, so as to improve the order rate and customer satisfaction, etc.?
How to break the income deadlock of industrial design with only "outsourcing service fee"?

Real stuff. 100 persons only. First come, first served.
2. Time and Place
Event time: January 19, 2019 (Saturday) 2:30pm5:00pm
Salon location: Building C, 8 Taohua Road, , Futian bonded area, Shenzhen (left of Zhongtianyuan Group)
The 10th floor Duozoulu Walking Laboratory Walking Laboratory
Event format: Guest sharing + Q&A
Target audience: preferred for industrial designers (100 people only)
Cost: free
3. Guest Introduction
Black Spade Design CEO (former Xiaomi main designer) Yanlin Xiao
He was not invited
because he designed the xiaomi phone
Xiaomi Notebook Air
Xiaomi tablet PC generation 1 / 2 / 3
Xiaomi game headset
He is not invited because
 even if he leaves Xiaomi's design team,
there are still many projects of Xiaomi's ecological chain ask him for designing 
He was hired because
he designed and developed his own brand BJD doll
New products, zero basis, zero promotion
30 days
Sold 1 million RMB
What did he do with the doll?
What did he learn from Xiaomi?
Don’t you want to know?
Anker Design Director Xuefeng Bai
Anker, a global technology company that relies on power bank, chargers, bluetooth peripherals, USB cables and other intelligent digital products, covering more than 24 million users in over 100 countries and regions around the world, such as Japan, North America and Europe. The brand has 10 million loyal customers with a turnover of more than 3.9 billion in 2017!
It was ranked No.7 on the BrandZ Chinese Global Brandom Builders 2018, released by WPP and Google, and was named "the fastest growing consumer electronics brand.” 

In recent years, Anker has introduced intelligent hardware products with different advantages in leading industries such as intelligent charging, entertainment audio, smart home, intelligent vehicle and so on, so as to promote the realization of the core vision of "shaping a set of benchmarking brands". In Anker's own words: "We are not e­commerce companies. We are a product­centric brand company!" As for selling on Amazon, that's just the way to do it.

As the founder and head of the Anker industrial design team, what mysterious power does Bai Xuefeng have? He manages the luxury design team of 50 people. Is it because he has the background of studying in Sweden? Or Lenovo's success story? Or the experience of starting a business on his own.

Don’t you want to know that? 
Innozen Design CEO Michael
Michael (Bin Zheng), Master of Design, Brunel University, UK, Vice President of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association. He, who combines eastern and western characteristics at the same time, has three years experience as a designer in central London and is the first Chinese industrial designer in Sierra Wireless, Canada.

Over the past 6 years, he has brought together design elites from Brunel university in the UK, Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and other institutions.
Over the past 6 years, he has served clients in more than 20 countries around the world, been a fortune 500 company and a maker.
Over the past 6 years, he has served LG, Skyworth, Tencent, Baidu and other well­known brand enterprises, and has been interviewed and reported by CCTV, British Council, MIT Technology Review and other domestic and foreign media.
In 6 years, he not only won the top design awards at home and abroad, such as Red Dot, IF, Golden Pin and Red Star, but also won the gold award of The Edison Awards (in the same year, the silver award and the bronze award were Logitech and Benz Smart).

Is there a gap between Chinese and overseas industrial design in Michael's mind? What is the difference between the independent industrial design company and the enterprise design? Is it true that the independent design company is constantly in cross­border design? Where's the designer's boundaries...
Don’t you want to know?
■ Special guests
Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association
Changhong Feng

She is well known as the most internationalized vision driver in industrial design. She is China's creative industry pioneer and keeper in making Shenzhen as a city of design and maker. Now she is widely recognized in the international industrial design.
How does Mrs. Feng view the development of industrial design in China from an international perspective?
What solid advice does Mrs. Feng have for designers/design companies?
Don’t you want to know?
If you want to know, come
4. Surprise Moment
1. At random interactive sessions, you might be able to get Yanlin Xiao's BJD doll (299399 RMB), Xuefeng Bai's power bank (299399 RMB), and Innozen's stunning design.
2. If you've done some interesting products or cases, you might have 35 minutes to share your story on the scene.
3. You will meet some industrial designers like you, who love to learn, to live, to be interested.
5. Kindly Remind
1. This activity is free of charge
2. If the mobile phone number you provide is correct, there will be contact after successful registration. You can also call 1866 5816801 for advice
3. You are welcome to bring your colleagues and friends to this event, However, space is limited. Please reserve seats for them in advance if possible
6. Acknowledgment
 Duozoulu Walking Laboratory
Duozoulu Walking Laboratory was set up by Duozoulu Co., Ltd. Through the closed­loop ecological chain mode of technological innovation, design innovation, intelligent manufacturing and scene experience, Duozoulu focuses on the study of extreme walking experience. Duozoulu has been constantly subverting the traditional industry's cognition of consumption scenes in innovation. It has not only been recognized by the third generation commercial complex and the vast number of consumers, but also won the recognition of top international awards including German Red Dot, IF and Japan G Mark. Finally, we believe that truly powerful technology should benefit everyone and enable them to enjoy a comfortable walking experience. Therefore, our products are designed for everyone