“Design Pioneer” and “City of Design” Work Together for Industry 4.0

Date: 2016-12-05 17:42:00  Source:   Compile: eands

Hosted by China Mechanical Design Institute, Innovation Design Alliance of China, Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Bao’an District People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality, jointly hosted by Bao’an District Bureau of Culture Sport and Tourism, Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, Bao’an Creative Design Center, the 9th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival was opened in Lecture Hall, B1, Bao’an Library, on December 2, 2016, themed on “Creating& Sharing the Future”. Berlin of Germany, a global design pioneer city, was chosen as its partner city 2016. Over 300 people were at the opening ceremony, including government officials, design outstanding representatives, business elite, and teachers and students from universities.

Focusing on artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, etc., several activities were organized, including China International Industrial Design Summit, Signing Ceremony of ShenzhenBerlin Design Strategic Cooperation, Signing Ceremony of Shenzhen Companies with International Design Masters, Handmade in Germany WorldTour, Bao’an Industrial Design Innovation Exhibition, Roadshow Projects for Makers, Disruptive Innovation of Smart Hardware: Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Design, and Workshops. Innovative projects exhibited at the festival, like wearable devices, smart LED, smart electronic products, robotics, etc.

Four Signing Ceremonies Invigorated Creation in Shenzhen


On December 2, representatives from both cities signed the strategic cooperation agreement at the opening ceremony to cooperate with each other on respect of the scheduling, events, and exhibitions form, to promote each other in the respective countries, and to form a longterm and stable link of strategic cooperation.   

At the opening ceremony, besides signing of strategic agreements with international cities, three more international design projects were also signed, six enterprises in total.

8 Roadshow Projects for Makers Propelled Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Focusing on smart hardware products like wearable devices, smart LED, smart electronic products, robotics, etc., 8 maker teams participated in the roadshows and presented ideas and prototypes. The jury guided the 8 teams in industrialization and marketing, inspiring makers in innovative thinking, creativity and sense of participation.

Summits on Industrial Design Innovates Internet of Things
Brandnew industrial design concepts were shared by Katrin Buchta, Consul of Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou, Johan Persson, Creative Director of C’ monde Studios, Nicol Boyd & Tmas Rosn, cofounders of Office for Product Design, Matthias Philipp, Manager of Direktorenhaus, and Jiawei Gu, Cofounder of Ling.


Handmade in Germany vs. Created in Bao’an
There are two exhibitions at the festival: Bao’an Industrial Design Innovation Exhibition and Handmade in Germany WorldTour. Smart devices from Bao’an district, including wearable devices, robotics, etc. were displayed at the exhibition, for example, one of the smallest IP camera, Anker®IP camera. Handmade in Germany WorldTour gathered highquality handmade products from across the globe for years and displayed products from Germany. Exhibitors include worldfamous luxury brands, firstclass enterprises, studios and workstations with countless awards. Over 600 highquality handmade products were displayed at the tour.


Integration of Design and Innovation Accelerates Industry 4.0
With the concept of “Made in China 2025”, the festival integrated innovation and entrepreneurship. Three activities were organized: Workshops, Roadshow Projects for Makers, and Disruptive Innovation of Smart Hardware: Summit on Artificial Intelligence. Katrin Buchta, Consul of Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou, delivered keynote speeches on “Industry 4.0 to Manufactory 4.0”, describing the development and trends of Industry 4.0 in Germany.

Industrial design has worked on propelling Shenzhen in transformation and upgrading. Similarly, China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival accelerated the transformation from “Manufactured in Bao’an” to “ Created by Bao’an”, and it is trying to contribute to “Made in China 2025” and Industry 4.0.