2016 SIDA On the Road


Dec, The 8th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival, Discovering Stars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Nov, The 3rd Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair
Oct, Shenzhen Venue of National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week
Sep, China Pavilion appeared on 100% Design London
Aug, FAB12 Handoff in Boston, ready for Fablab 2.0
Jun, 2015 Shenzhen Maker Week
May, SinoFinnish Design Park Venue of the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair
Apr, Open Design – 2014 CrossStrait Design Study Tour
Jan, Shenzhen – San Francisco International Exchanges on Open Innovation


Dec ,The 7th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival

Nov, The 2nd China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Fair

Sep, The 1st HKSZ Design Biennale, attend the 100% Design London on behalf of China as “City of Design”

July, Design Tour across the Straits

May, SinoFinnish Design Park, joint work by Shenzhen and Helsinki government, was established

Apr, Shenzhen led a delegation to attend Milan Design Week


Dec,02 to 07 The 6th China(Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival

Nov,29 to Dec,3 The first China(Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Fair

Sep,19 to 22 Attend the 2013 100% Design Exhibition

Jul,03 The 3rd SZHK Creative Forum

Jun,08 to 25 Economic and trade investigation in Norther Europe

May,31 Mr.Lu Yongxiang visited iF Design Exhibition at Shenzhen hall;The 5th anniversary celebration of SIDA;iF Design Exhibition (Shenzhen hall)kicks off

May,21 Guid Shenzhen designers group to join the Florence Design Week in Italy

Feb, Attend the 60th anniversary ceremony of iF Design Awards and Munich Design Week and held industrial design workshops in Germany


Dec, The 5th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival, themed on “Crossover & Symbiosis”, and the iF Design Exhibition Shenzhen was established

Oct, Dialogue between Shenzhen Furniture designers and Taiwanese Representatives

Sep, Organized delegation to participate in London 100% Design Exhibition once again

Aug, Be invited to join the 2012 IDSA annual meeting and hosted “User Experience Design at China”SinoAmerica User Experience Design Summit

Jul, The 3rd ShenzhenHong Kong Cultural and Creative Forum

Apr, SIDA led a delegation to Northern Europe on design, and the SINOSwedish Design Center hosted professional exhibition and exchange meeting.

Feb, Mr.Lu Yongxiang, former dean of Chinese Academy of Science, inspected Shenzhen Industrial Design


Nov 27 to Dec,03 Held the 4th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival (Guest cities: Helsinki, Finland, Stockholm, Sweden)

Sep,22 to 26 SIDA organized a delegation to London, participate in the 100% Design Exhibition, first time for Chinese designers to the international professional platform

Jul,15 to 16 The Second SZHK Creative Forum was held


Dec, 16 The first ShenzhenHong Kong Cultural and Creative Forum was held, SIDA promoted the founding of the first SZHK Interactive Design Lab

Nov, 29 to Dec,04 Held the 3rd China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival (Guest city: Singapore)

May. 22 to 28 Led a delegation to Taiwan to observe the “New Generation Design Exhibition”, organized the “2010 First Crossstrait Young Designers’ Workshops and Forums” together with Taiwan Design Center.

May, 14 Held the Shenzhen Industrial Design Boutique Exhibition with Cultural Exchange Design


Dec,01 Signing Ceremony of ShenzhenTaiwan Design Strategic Cooperation;Held the 2nd China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival (Theme city: Taiwan)

Oct, 15 Hosted the “First Crossstrait Design Forum” in Taipei, Taiwan Province.

Oct, 11 Conducted “the 1st Shenzhen Industrial Design Vocational Skills Competition”.

Sep, 21 SIDA organized Shenzhen enterprises to join in the “GuangdongHong Kong Fashion Lifestyle” exhibition in Warsaw, Poland.

Jun, 15 to 16 Worked together with Hong Kong Design Centre to hold “Shenzhen–Hong Kong Design Innovation 2009–Shenzhen Forum”

May,15 to 18, Held “Originalities Change China – China (Shenzhen) Cultural Industries Summit Forum”.


Dec,03 to 12 Held the 1st China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival (Theme city: Hong Kong) May, 30 SIDA was officially established.

2008 SIDA Set up

Under joint efforts of our staff members and strong support of governments and enterprises, SIDA has attracted over 400 members across the country while also built two design centers(ShenzhenHong Kong Design Center and SinoSwedish Design Center),two professional committees(User Experience Design Committee and Brand Planning Committee) and a industrial design institute.